Last night, February 4th, 2017 Super Bash Launched! The city was buzzing and people were coming! Local live performances like Blush started the night off, followed by DJ Chris Garcia, DJ Chris mayhem and DJ Lost Seekers...

Around 11pm the Music World Compound and surrounding blocks were being barricaded with Police vehicles. At roughly 11:20pm Police entered the premise. It took the Police under 15 minutes to surround the inside of the compound, get on stage, stop all performances and ask everyone to evacuate Super Bash due to an ISIS BOMB THREAT!

At 12:45am the party, which was not fully evacuated was allowed to stay open and people were told it was safe to continue. Unfortunately for Super Bash the damage was already done. All big headliners expected to perform did not attend.

Due to the bomb threat SUPER BASH will not be opening their doors Sunday Night! 


The Super Bash Team